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A published writer since before graduating high school, I’ve been a paid professional writer most of my writing career.

Since 1996, I’ve created content on the web, and began publishing books in 1999. 

Since 2002 I've created 16 online courses, digital multimedia programs and offered live training programs and workshops. 

My writing has offered public speaking and presentation opportunities domestically and internationally. Through the years, I have presented to groups of all sizes, from small groups to business community member audiences (up to 500 in attendance). I've presented workshops internationally and spoken (in real life - not virtually) in another country.

My first 7 books are based on ministry work my family and I have been involved in, written to encourage others. I write nonfiction Christian Living books.

First venturing on to the web in 1984, I’ve been a content producer and active participant since the mid ’90’s. The digital world fascinates me! 

In 1998, I established Herbal Treasures Of Hickory Hollow Web Garden, which was strolled by thousands within just a few years. My research and writing provided rich content for my Herbal Treasures Garden Guides.

I’ve always been serious about my work, but a sense of humor is essential! A part of my journey took me on a meandering path of injecting Healing Humor into the Healthcare Setting, along with my family. Based on our experience, I’ve written books and created programs on this topic, to help others in this needed and noble quest.

I've also presented training programs, coached and helped churches, actively encouraging the Christian community to establish Christian Creative Arts Ministry as a regular and special event activity available to impact lives. I've written 2 in-depth books on the topic of establishing Christian Creative Arts Ministry, and created digital media to prepare and equip these ministries. For starters:

Creative Arts Ideas for Special Events and Insight on 4 Popular Ministries to Consider: Gift of Heart: Impacting Lives through Christian Creative Arts

…that’s a long way from copywriting for clients, pumping out press releases, writing reports, and designing company annual reports, isn’t it?  This has been an adventure!

I’m very excited at the road ahead: Although I’m almost always working on many more than one book or project at a time, my 8th book on the topic of Forgiveness is NOW AVAILABLE!

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